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What our clients say

"Working with Seedling has put us in an incredibly strong position with not only understanding our baseline carbon footprint, but opportunities to improve it and map out the way ahead."
Rhys Jenkins
"We wanted to understand and reduce our carbon footprint but felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. Seedling guided us through the process every step of the way, their easy-to-use platform made collecting our business data straightforward, and the team gave us tailored support to build an emissions reduction plan. Thanks to Seedling, we’ve started our journey to Net Zero with confidence."
Ursula Fairlie
Senior Content Manager
"With Seedling, we inputted data on what we do as a brand: the materials we use, where they're made, how they've travelled etc. The team at Seedling then calculate what that means in terms of carbon. To see all of our data in one place, and having a real person at the end of the phone to discuss what the data means and crucially how to make what we do better, was amazing."
Patrick McDowell
"Seedling has enabled us to play around with our strategy and understand the impact of any changes we make. For instance, if we want to switch 60% of cotton to recycled, we can quantify the impact that this will have. This is so helpful because once we've set targets, the key challenge is understanding how we get there."
Mica Phillips
Sustainability Manager
‘We are incredibly happy with our experience with Seedling. We were guided through the process, and it was simple for us to submit the required information. We also had transparency over our offsetting projects. We now understand our footprint and how to reduce it.’
Megan Savage
ESG Lead
‘We found the team at Seedling very helpful. They made the set-up process simple and seamless and went above and beyond in understanding our business and how to capture the right data. We are delighted with the results.’
Stuart Pearce
‘We love the Seedling product! The footprinting process was easy and comprehensive, and we were surprised at the speed of turnaround. Our public page is a great addition to our environmental communications which really helps us to stand out.’
Sam Holding
Strategic Partnerships Lead
‘When we started with Seedling, we were just beginning our journey towards understanding our carbon footprint. Seedling have been the ultimate professionals and have created a system that is easy to use, so now I have the knowledge to make informed decisions in line with our B Corp status.’
Sian Eddy
Head of Ops
"Seedling were an invaluable partner in developing our carbon reduction plan. Their collaborative approach involved accurate emission calculations, presented transparently through a user-friendly platform. Seedling's expertise and dedication made the entire process seamless – I’d recommend Seedling to businesses on a sustainability journey."
Kristina Vard
ESG Lead

Why Seedling?

By combining intuitive software with one-to-one support, we make high quality carbon accounting accessible for SMEs.
Our platform
Collect the right data quickly and easily.
See ready-made footprint analysis on your dashboard.
Set SBTi-aligned Net Zero targets, and track progress.
Automate reporting and climate comms.
Seedling adviser
Get one-to-one support to collect your business data.
Reduce emissions with our hotspot analysis and advice.
Avoid greenwash with climate comms support.
Lean on our expertise for any sustainability query.
Traditional consultants
Burdensome process
Excel + static PDFs
SMEs priced out
Self-serve tools
No support
One-size fits all
Not fully compliant

Our process

A simple, streamlined journey to understand your footprint and how to reduce it, with support at every step.
Kick-off call
We get to know your business and build a plan to handle nuance or complexity, whilst maximising accuracy.
Collect your data
Complete our carbon assessment to collect the  business data you need for a full scope footprint.

Share our employee survey with your team. We’ll collect & analyse responses.
Review by the Seedling team
We check your data, calculate your footprint, complete our hotspot analysis and build your bespoke decarbonisation plan.
Seedling debrief
We’ll discuss footprint hotspots, reduction strategies, target setting, and climate comms / reporting tools.

Year-round one-to-one support

Get advice on:
Climate comms
Data queries
Target setting
Reducing emissions

Why care?

As the planet continues to warm, sustainability expectations are quickly evolving. Every business can make a difference and benefit from taking climate action.

Make a genuine difference


of all UK business-driven emissions are from small and medium-sized businesses.

Attract and retain talent


of job candidates are more likely to accept a role at an environmentally sustainable company.

Win more business


of purchasers consider sustainability when making decisions.


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