The carbon accounting platform for VC and PE

Measure, analyse and report on 100% of your operational and financed emissions.
iCl Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Reporting Guide (2022)
"For investors, scope 3 category 15
(financed emissions) is the key category ...on average financed emissions are 700 times larger than reported operational scope 1 and 2 emissions."

Your portfolio matters

Financed emissions are central to your footprint.

Like all businesses, venture capital and private equity investors generate emissions from their own operations (e.g. office energy, travel, procurement), but they're also responsible for some emissions from their portfolio companies, known as "financed emissions" (scope 3, category 15 in a GHG Protocol compliant footprint).

Accounting for financed emissions is central to a comprehensive and compliant footprint that:
  • Meets growing demands from regulators and LPs.
  • Empowers portfolio companies to drive their sustainability strategies.
  • Genuinely contributes towards solving the climate crisis.

Why Seedling Invest?

Comprehensive footprint

All of your emissions, in one place. Designed for venture capital and private equity, SeedlingInvest ensures complete coverage of operational and financed emissions.

Low-burden for SMEs

Our platform is designed for SMEs - flexible pricing and intuitive carbon accounting software that's accurate but low-burden for growing teams.

Compliant reporting

In a click, generate an integrated, iCI-compliant emissions report, including sustainability benchmarking KPIs required by the SFDR and TCFD.

What our clients say

"Working with Seedling has put us in an incredibly strong position with not only understanding our baseline carbon footprint, but opportunities to improve it and map out the way ahead."
Rhys Jenkins
"We wanted to understand and reduce our carbon footprint but felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. Seedling guided us through the process every step of the way, their easy-to-use platform made collecting our business data straightforward, and the team gave us tailored support to build an emissions reduction plan. Thanks to Seedling, we’ve started our journey to Net Zero with confidence."
Ursula Fairlie
Senior Content Manager
‘We are incredibly happy with our experience with Seedling. We were guided through the process, and it was simple for us to submit the required information. We also had transparency over our offsetting projects. We now understand our footprint and how to reduce it.’
Megan Savage
ESG Lead
‘We love the Seedling product! The footprinting process was easy and comprehensive, and we were surprised at the speed of turnaround. Our public page is a great addition to our environmental communications which really helps us to stand out.’
Sam Holding
Strategic Partnerships Lead
‘When we started with Seedling, we were just beginning our journey towards understanding our carbon footprint. Seedling have been the ultimate professionals and have created a system that is easy to use, so now I have the knowledge to make informed decisions in line with our B Corp status.’
Sian Eddy
Head of Ops

How Seedling Invest works?


Measure your internal emissions

Input your operational data (e.g. office energy, business travel) into our intuitive, software-based survey. Our business carbon accounting engine calculates your GHG-compliant internal footprint.


Invite portfolio companies to the platform

Invite your portfolio companies to complete a carbon assessment with Seedling. Our platform is designed for SMEs - flexible pricing and intuitive carbon accounting software that's accurate but low-burden for growing teams. If the business already calculates their footprint, simply add their data to the platform.


Fill any data gaps

Not every business is ready to complete a full carbon footprint. Instead, use our multi-factor tool to estimate the emissions of any business in your portfolio, whilst staying compliant with industry carbon accounting standards.


Calculate your financed emissions

In a click, our portfolio carbon accounting engine calculates your financed emissions in full compliance with the PCAF and iCI reporting standards. View detailed analytics at the company, fund and portfolio levels.


Report and comply.

Share a comprehensive, integrated emissions report with LPs and other key stakeholders. Our carbon accounting engine calculates KPIs  to report against the SFDR and TCFD sustainability benchmarking schemes. Download as a PDF or share via your dedicated public dashboard, accessible via link or QR code.

Use Seedling Invest across the deal lifecycle


Differentiate by providing rich reporting to current and potential LPs.

Due Diligence

Use our estimate tool to screen potential investments for environmental impact.

Value creation

Decarbonise your investments and embed best practice to add value for exit.

Chat to an expert

Measure a full-scope footprint, reduce emissions, and share your Net Zero strategy.