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Measure and reduce the impact of your digital marketing activity.

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The impact of digital advertising

The average online advert generates 5.4 tonnes of CO2e, which is the equivalent of driving more than 20,000 miles in the average car.

This amounts to nearly 4% of global emissions annually.

As key influencers in the value chain, digital marketing agencies can help to drive the industry towards Net Zero.

How we help

Digital ad deep-dive

Understand and influence the emissions behind your ads.

Campaign analysis

Report on a company-wide or campaign-specific basis.


Measure and influence employees' travel and WFH emissions.

Head of Ops

‘When we started with Seedling, we were just beginning our journey towards understanding our carbon footprint. Seedling have been the ultimate professionals and have created a system that is easy to use, so now I have the knowledge to make informed decisions in line with our B Corp status.’

Your partner in climate action

Report with confidence and make an impact with intuitive, powerful emissions management.