Sustainable consulting

Decarbonisation tailored to the consulting industry.

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The impact of consulting

The emissions of a consulting project mostly happen outside of the office: travel, homeworking, and even the manufacture of IT equipment on which work is completed.

While these emissions can add up, they're difficult to measure. As clients and employees have increased expectations around sustainability, it's important for consultants to have a robust solution.

How we help


Measure and influence employees' travel and WFH emissions.


Account for a flexible and remote workforce.

Project emissions

Report on a company-wide or project-specific basis.

ESG Lead

‘We are incredibly happy with our experience with Seedling. We were guided through the process, and it was simple for us to submit the required information. We also had transparency over our offsetting projects. We now understand our footprint and how to reduce it.’

ESG Lead

‘Seedling were an invaluable partner in developing our carbon reduction plan. Their collaborative approach involved accurate emission calculations, presented transparently through a user-friendly platform. Seedling's expertise and dedication made the entire process seamless – I’d recommend Seedling to businesses on a sustainability journey.’


‘We found the team at Seedling very helpful. They made the set-up process simple and seamless and went above and beyond in understanding our business and how to capture the right data. We are delighted with the results.’

Your partner in climate action

Report with confidence and make an impact with intuitive, powerful emissions management.