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Sustainable IT

Net zero planning for providers of IT and managed services.

IT & managed services
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Technology's footprint

The carbon footprint of business IT makes up an estimated 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions, roughly equalling the footprint of the UK economy.

Manufacturers are innovating to reduce emissions across the lifecycle of their products, from materials to device efficiency, making more sustainable IT kit available to their customers.

MSPs are key to driving positive change through customer education, and in managing the impact of their own operations.

How we help

IT equipment

Lifecycle analysis to procure more sustainable kit.


Account for circular business models (such as refurbished kit).

Cloud emissions

Track emissions from managed cloud services.

Sustainability Lead

‘We are incredibly happy with our experience with Seedling. We were guided through the process, and it was simple for us to submit the required information. We also had transparency over our offsetting projects. We now understand our footprint and how to reduce it.’

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