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Designing for decarbonisation

With estimates of the carbon footprint of fashion at 4-8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, building sustainability into the way we design, make, move, and use fashion and textiles is essential to the fight against climate change.

Brands can reduce emissions by making changes across the garment lifecycle, including distribution methods, consumer education, and most importantly material choice and sourcing.

As consumer expectations have shifted, there's now a growing commercial opportunity (as well as a moral imperative) for brands to decarbonise.

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Material deep-dive

Understand your material hotspots and get "improved fibre" recommendations.

Garment lifecycle

By-garment analysis. Get data on the the emissions of each item you sell.


Understand circular business models (CBMs) and the impact of adoption.

Sustainability Lead

‘We are incredibly happy with our experience with Seedling. We were guided through the process, and it was simple for us to submit the required information. We also had transparency over our offsetting projects. We now understand our footprint and how to reduce it.’

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