About Us

Your partner in climate action.

Seedling gives teams the technology and expertise they need to understand and reduce their carbon emissions.

Most businesses don’t have a dedicated sustainability expert, and a lot are finding it tough to get to grips with their carbon footprint and the expectations of clients and regulators.

Our mission: to help you make confident, informed decisions, backed by data and climate science.

We specialise in accurate, full-scope carbon footprinting, giving you the insight you need to make measurable progress towards Net Zero - without being too time-intensive or breaking the bank.

We’re passionate about removing the barriers to decarbonisation, and equipping teams to play their part in solving the climate crisis. Let’s chat!

Our Team

The team behind Seedling

Blair Spowart


Aimée Tennant


Our approach

Seedling is a values-driven business. We have strong opinions about what makes up a responsible climate strategy, and we help our clients to embody this through our guiding principles:

What we do:

  • Prioritise decarbonisation.
  • Flexible, accurate, insightful footprinting.
  • Careful, considered use of terminology.
  • Full information and transparency.

What we don’t:

  • Promote offsetting without a plan to reduce emissions.
  • High-level, one-size-fits-all footprinting.
  • Overstate impact. Mislead. Greenwash.
  • Make claims that aren’t backed.

Your partner in climate action

Report with confidence and make an impact with intuitive, powerful emissions management.