Sustainable investing

Carbon accounting designed for PE and VC investors.

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Financed emissions

Like all businesses, venture capital and private equity investors generate emissions from their own operations (e.g. office energy, travel, procurement), but they're also responsible for some emissions from their portfolio companies, known as "financed emissions" (scope 3, category 15 in a GHG Protocol compliant footprint).

Accounting for financed emissions is central to a comprehensive and compliant footprint that:

  • Meets growing demands from regulators and LPs.
  • Empowers portfolio companies to drive their sustainability strategies.
  • Genuinely contributes towards solving the climate crisis.

How we help

Comprehensive footprint

Measure both operational and financed emissions.

Data-driven insights

Track decarbonisation at the company, fund and portfolio level.

Compliant reporting

In a click, generate a compliant emissions report (TCFD / SFDR aligned).

Sustainability Lead

‘We are incredibly happy with our experience with Seedling. We were guided through the process, and it was simple for us to submit the required information. We also had transparency over our offsetting projects. We now understand our footprint and how to reduce it.’

Your partner in climate action

Report with confidence and make an impact with intuitive, powerful emissions management.