Carbon Reduction Plans (PPN 06/21)

Get prepared for public sector RFPs

Carbon Reduction Plans (PPN 06/21)
Get prepared for public sector RFPs

What is PPN 06/21?

The UK government requires businesses to prepare and submit a Carbon Reduction Plan in bids for central government contracts with an advertised annual value of over £5m as part of a legally binding commitment to decarbonise the economy.

As of April 2024, a Carbon Reduction Plans is required for all NHS procurement.  

Procurement Policy Note 06/21 (PPN 06/21) sets out the format a Carbon Reduction Plan must follow.

We've written a practical guide to reporting as an SME, where you can learn in more detail who PPN 06/21 applies to, and how to prepare.

Why partner with Seedling

We help public sector suppliers report with confidence and plan for net zero in a way that's time and cost effective without compromising on rigour.

How do we do this? Our software platform makes the process easy, but we also support one-to-one to handle complexity and provide advice at every step. We help you to:

  • Understand the requirements of PPN 06/21
  • Collect the right business data
  • Survey your team
  • Measure and track a compliant footprint
  • Set your net zero target, and understand the commitment
  • Reduce emissions with practical, actionable advice

ESG Lead

‘Seedling were an invaluable partner in developing our carbon reduction plan. Their collaborative approach involved accurate emission calculations, presented transparently through a user-friendly platform. Seedling's expertise and dedication made the entire process seamless – I’d recommend Seedling to businesses on a sustainability journey.’


‘We found the team at Seedling very helpful. They made the set-up process simple and seamless and went above and beyond in understanding our business and how to capture the right data. We are delighted with the results.’

Your partner in climate action

Report with confidence and make an impact with intuitive, powerful emissions management.